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Social media, Employment Law, GDPR Assistance

Data Protection and Social Media

Below is an email I suggest can be sent to staff reminding them of their obligations in relation to data…
Leadership, Leadership 360 Feedback

lead,leader, Leadership

Leader, Leadership or the Real Leader Nowadays, Prediction is very difficult for the future. The world would be very…
Global mindset, leadership,

Leadership and coaching

Dr Jayshan Keejoo is trained by Harvard Kennedy School, USA, in the field of Global change and Leadership and is an…
Employment & HR

Leadership- the way forward

Leadership – the new way to lead yourselfThis is the time when we need leadership and a time for leaders. Our world,…
Redundancy, Career Change, Career Coaching

Deutsche Bank - Disaster?

After a tumultuous week of news with the Deutsche Bank restructure and potentially 1000's of job losses how can we make…
Employment & HR

Is there a need for HR in a New or Small, Growing Business?

Is there a need for HR in a New or Small, Growing Business?New and small, growing businesses must make money quickly. …
Mediation, Employment disputes

Successful Managers

I enable managers breakthrough/solve business relationship challenges that threaten their business and cause…
Employment & HR

Onboarding - What is it?

The term on-boarding has been around for a while, but what does it mean... in essence it is the activity or process of…
Employment & HR

Mothering Sunday

As Mothering Sunday approaches the high streets lend themselves to the paraphernalia and merchandise that assert the…
Employment & HR

AI and The Golden Boot.

Last summer BCG tried to predict the outcome of Wimbledon by using AI – in the end it was all a bit of a waste of time…
Employment & HR

Top priorities for Chief Finance Professionals Revealed

If you haven’t come across the survey results from Deloitte on CFOs – ‘defensive strategies’ are said to be a key focus…
Employment & HR

Love it or hate it??

Recruitment, its a bit like Marmite - I’m a fan..…. of both.If you find yourself in need of recruitment assistance but…

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