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Employment & HR

Adapting to a future of remote working

Without a doubt, flexible working has grown at a rapid pace in recent years – largely…
Employment & HR

Giving the underdog candidate a chance.

In business sports stories are often used as metaphors to make a point and the recent…
Investigator, Unfair dismissal

Investigating Misconduct

Investigating misconduct in the workplace is a tricky business.  Getting it wrong can…
Freelance, Entrepreneur, Self employed

Health and Well-being for Self-employed and Freelance...

Don’t let the potential risks prevent you from pursuing your passion in freelance or…
Manager, Risk Assessment, Risk Assessments

How to write a risk assessment (with examples)

Like many official documents in the workplace, it can be a little uncomfortable having to…
Management, Employment disputes

5 steps to winning a tribunal claim

There are 5 straightforward steps that significantly increase your company’s chances of…
Recruitment, Employee performance

What Motivates Employees to Perform Well?

We tend to assume that a good salary and good perks motivate employees to stay in their…
Disciplinaries, Dispute Resolution

Gross Misconduct Dismissals – How can we possibly lose?

Why do companies lose tribunal cases where they have dismissed an employee for gross…
Employee, Employment Law, Employment disputes

What about the employee?

Time and time again I see articles on ‘employee retention’ popping up in my inbox or…
Employee, Employment Law, Employment disputes

Before you sign on the dotted line......

Contracts may bore you to tears, but they are crucial to establish the basis of your…
Mediation, Employee Disputes

Seven Reasons why Employees Quit

If a bad employee quits that’s great, we all celebrate.  But when we lose a star player…
Outplacement, Career Management

In an interview only one result really matters

That's right, you have to aim for and become number 1.  In July 1989, Walmart completed a…

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