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Wow, double profit in THREE days

I know I’m good, but a client doubling their profit in three days of working with me is a record. They have just…
BusinessCoach, Get Back On Track

Your Business Isn't Failing

Your business isn’t failing. It’s July, nobody’s here to buy stuff. It’s important to recognise that brands are usually…
#FindHeadspace, #businesscoach, #AchieveSuccess

Half the year gone! Where did the year go?

Where did that year go? It was Christmas just a minute ago, although it strangely it seems like an age. It is July, the…
Business Coaching, Business mentoring

Staff Engagement Does Not Need Not To Be Costly

Staff engagement is critical for the success of any business. You are only as good as your people and customers will…
#POC, #WOC, #startup, #businesscoach


Changing the Face of StartupsSo my #FridayMotivation is leading some brave young people into the world of…
Auditing, Managing Change, Health and safety

Health and Safety Audit: Robbing or Rewarding?

Many of us have seen the financial auditors up to their all-too common tricks again, with the collapse of Carillion…
Part Time FD, Raise finance, Business strategy

Where To Find The Cash You Need

A lack of cash can not only stall your company’s growth but also place its very existence under threat.It doesn’t…
Growth Support, Mastermind Group

Is Growth Your Thing?

For business owners/CEOs/MDs seriously interested in business growth, I host a peer to peer executive mastermind group…
Business Management

Midweek is a time to Focus

Its Wednesday, we are about halfway through the week and some are already looking forward to the weekend; are you?…
#business development, Business Coaching Bristol

Has your revenue flatlined?

Did you have a great first year, a better second year and things have looked less and less rosy since then? The…
#SWOT #Business #Planning

Are you a SWOT?

Do you SWOT? Are you a SWOT? What do we mean here?In business we are encouraged to identify how we can grow and one of…
Solopreneur, BusinessCoach, BusinessStrategy

Hurrah it's Tuesday #TuesdayMotivation

Monday is done, out of the way. #TuesdayMotivation Are you already behind? Did you finish off last week with a backlog?…

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