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Agency or Consultancy? What am I building?

Starting out on your own after a successful career, can be daunting, but setting better goals leads to better choices…
Business Management

Businesses must prepare for changes to wages

Many businesses are already feeling the pinch due to higher costs as a result of the weakened pound on supply chains…
Farmers, #Networking, Professional

When It Comes to Networking, Farmers Will Always Beat...

Recently I have attended some networking meeting after new year. I found many profeessionals not to install appropriate…
Business Management

Leadership in the Modern Workplace

Leaders in the modern workplace take on enormous responsibility. With industries working under continuous stress and…
#EU, #deal, #trade, #Brexit, #negotiations

What next for EU-UK trade?

The country voted for ‘getting Brexit done’. But what does that mean? Here’s a rundown of events.PM Boris Johnson’s…
Business Coach, Personal Growth

What have you learnt from your coaches or mentors this year?

Working with my own coaches this year I have learnt the value of Expertise, re-learnt the difference between book…
#cashflow, Debt Recovery, Credit Management

Cash flow is critical for small businesses

Cash flow is critical for a small business because it needs money to pay suppliers, employees and overheads such as…
Career Coaching, Confidence coaching

Top Self-Confidence Techniques to Employ Before a Career...

‘Fake it ‘til you make it’... I’ve seen so many people claim that this is a good mantra for building self-confidence,…
Resilience, British Standards BSI

Do you have any British/International Standards?

It is known that a British or International Standard can make your company more appealing to other businesses. Most…
SocialImpact, BusinessCoach, ArtsManagement

Data Benchmarking for Arts Organisations

Not all success is down to who you know. Some of it is down to data and the decisions that you make based on it.Getting…
Compliance, Accountancy, Secretarial Support

UK companies: statutory compliance

Every company in the UK, whether a small Ltd or a listed Plc, must comply with the Companies Act - the 2006 Act…
Business Management

Why You Are Struggling to Sell Your Business

"Well maybe its the time of year, Or maybe its the time of man" – Woodstock - Matthews Southern Comfort 1970Being…

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