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Sales, Marketing, Advertising

If someone can't afford your products do you just say 'bye'?

Do you have something different you could offer them?You don't always have to reduce your…
Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Joint Ventures

Do you work closely with other buinesses?

Joint VenturesHave you ever worked with another business?A joint venture is a great way…
Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Advertisement

Do potential customers take notice of your advertising?

Here's how to word your advertising so they do...No matter whether your advertising is…
Sales, Marketing, Advertising

30 Ways to Execute an Effective Ad Campaign

Most successful professionals use a series of information based ads that build emotion…
Sales, Marketing, Christmas, Advertising

Christmas Advertising

Every Christmas there’s always the excitement of wondering what each companies Christmas…
Marketing & PR

How do you price your products?

Do you base it on time, cost or value?What do you do?Pricing is important no matter what…
Sales, Marketing, Networking, Advertising

Make your elevator pitch stand out when networking

NetworkingIf you go to a networking event how do you talk to people?What do you say in…
Sales, Marketing, Advertising

Do you understand your target market?

Who is your Target Market?Do you have a specific target market?Most businesses attempt to…
Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Advertising

If someone shows an interest in your business what do you...

How can you keep them interested? Target or Strategic MarketingDo you know 99% of people…
USP, Markerting, Marketing planning

What is your USP?

Having a USP enables you to have the advantage over your competition...How are you…
Marketing & PR

Eight ways to re-purpose your old Business Cards:

As an entrepreneur/business person you acquire new business cards with each new…
Marketing & PR

How to make Branded Products work for your business

Giving your customers a useful functional promotional product with your company’s details…

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