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Procrastination - how to overcome it

Procrastination  Ah procrastination, the destroyer of so many good ideas and intentions.  It affects us all, causing us…
Health & Medical

A new way of care

When care work becomes a passion People choose their careers for various reasons: To follow the footstep of someone who…
#health, #wellness, #wellbeing, #healthyliving

How to find your ‘why’ and make healthy eating your reality

So you want to eat better, because it’s something you know is good for you.  And you have some idea how to do it.  But…
Health & Medical

Corporate Yoga *Free online taster class*

WORK QUICKER, BETTER & REDUCE WORK STRESS The reason I started practicing yoga was initially, like many people, for…
Health, Wellness, Wellbeing, Inflammation

11 things you need to know about Inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is now thought to be at the root of many chronic diseases?  Despite increasing…
Health & Medical

Yin Yoga for Stress & Anxiety *Free online taster class*

Feeling locked In? Im not sure how you guys have found it, but lockdown definitely has its testing days. With constant…
Mental health awareness

How important is a good morning routine?

For me, a morning routine is so important, and here's why...... As it's #mentalhealthawarenessweek I thought I'd share…
NHS, Coaching, #covid19, #mentalhealth

Giving back to the NHS

For the past month I have been volunteering my services to help Project5, a community interest company set up to…
Health, Wellness, Weight Loss, Wellness Coaching

Ditch The Diet - Flip The Switch And Burn Fat

Whilst on lockdown, my daughter wanted to lose some weight, she didn't go through my whole program as I'm MUM, but she…
#innovatetherapy, #rewired for health; #ithrive;

An interview with Paula Hynd, British Dietitian and...

I was recently interviewed on The Voice America Shift Happens podcast.  In these interesting times, mindset management…
Covid-19, Stress Management

Stress Management in 2020

The current pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in our lives. Some of us have seen changes in our work and…
Stress, Anxiety Treatment, Work related stress

Online Video Therapy for Work Related Stress

As a provider of Online Psychological Therapies for stress-related conditions such as anxiety, Click Therapies has…

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