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Career Advice, Career Mentoring

Take control of your career.

If you don’t control your career, someone else will and it’ll usually be your boss, your…
Job Search, Persistence, Career Advice

Failure is not an option!

Louise came to us recently thinking she was totally incompetent and that she’d never find…
Life Lessons, Interview Advice, Career Mentoring

Your decisions determine your future.

There are only a few things that we as individuals totally control for ourselves. One of…
Career Advice, Interview Advice

Want to be a better interviewee? Listen to Einstein!

Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” However, we can learn from…
Career Mentoring, Career Management

An important interview is coming up.

You know where you are headed, you’ve done all the prep work, you’ve researched the…
Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

Yes, but what is "being tactful"?

Just because you are supposed to be tactful, it doesn't mean you should be afraid to…
Career Mentoring, Interview Advice

Interviews require an alert mind.

The less you do, the less you feel like doing. Stay active! For interviews however we…
Career Mentoring, Career Management

Proactive career management.

Janet came to us recently and said, "I really enjoy doing what I do and I'm good at it…
Career Coaching, Career Management

Do you direct, manage or lead?

Forget about job titles: I'm talking about the verbs; how you behave. I came across some…
Attitude, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

I'm not like and I don't like my line manager!

Most of us know far more people than the number we think of as friends: indeed we may not…
Attitude, Interview Skills, Career Mentoring

Attitude vs Alphabet Spaghetti.

It's attitude and not alphabet spaghetti after your name that counts in job…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

Beware the comfort of a career comfort zone.

Unfortunately comfort zones breed inactivity, complacency and procrastination which means…

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