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Career Advice, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring

Don’t relax into career complacency.

There is a certain comfort in relaxing in the same old armchair, but it doesn’t get you very far. It’s comfortable…
Career Change, Career Coaching

Thursday Thrive

In today''s 'Thursday Thrive' I want to talk about how flawesome YOU are. Yes - FLAWSOME - slghtly cliched but…
Interview Advice, Interview Skills

How is your interview performance?

Some people communicate with feeling yet succinctly, concisely: they get their message across in a few well-chosen…
Career Change, Career Planning, Career Mentoring

Age is just a number.

“My age let’s me down; I’m too old.” No you’re not. Colonel Sanders was in his 70s when he launched Kentucky Fried…
Interview Advice, Interview Skills

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

When you are preparing for interviews build some of the following concepts into the words and phrases you use to…
Management, Development, Sales Enablement

Sales Leadership for Organisational Effectiveness and...

Alex has spent the last 20 years working in management and senior leadership roles across various diverse sectors that…
E learning, Development, Sales Enablement

Should I invest in Myself?

Business Strategy plays a major role in most companies, particularly in developed and mature countries. Studies show…
Interview Skills, Interview Advice

How to answer closed interview questions.

You need to stand out from the crowd. When interviewers ask you how good you are at something, they don’t want to know…
Interview Skills, Career Management

Let failure teach you.

Yes, let it teach you but in a structured way.  After each and every interview, always go through what my wife calls an…
Career Coaching, Interview Advice

Scenario interview questions.

A frequent element of interviews these days, an element that many interviewees forget to practise, is that of…
Your Purpose, Career Advice, Career Mentoring

What’s your purpose?

I went to a conference in the early 90s at the NEC in Birmingham. It was all about how to maintain a positive yet…
Job Search, Job Seekers, Career Advice

Here's a question for you!

As we all know, most careers start for all sorts of random reasons. We follow the advice of parents, friends, teachers…

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