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Career Advice, Career Guidance

Simple question - are you in a job or a career?

The Oxford English Dictionary gives us the following definitions. Career > NOUN. An occupation undertaken for a…
Career Advice, Career Guidance, Leaving a legacy

What makes life's journey successful?

We’ve all heard the expression, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” but I like the extension that Arthur Ashe,…
Career Advice, Self Motivation, Career Guidance

Do you want to be self motivated?

Why is it so important to be self motivated? Because, all the great thinkers throughout history have believed the same…
Career Advice, Career Guidance, Career Mentoring

Career advice par excellence!

A client said, "I went to the Careers Office at my university to talk about my career options. The Careers Advice…
Career Advice, Procrastination, Career Guidance

8 ways to curb your tendency to procrastinate.

1 Stop saying, “I’ll just ... and then I’ll ...”. It usually means, I’ll have my reward and then I’ll get on with the…
Coaching, Mindfulness, Career Advice

Be mindful. Respond, don't react!

Most of what happens to us, whether in our lives or in our careers, is totally beyond our own control.  But as…
Attitude, Self Belief, Career Advice

Naysayers only win if you let them!

If you want a successful career it’s quite important that you believe in yourself.  I’m sure we’ve all heard Henry…
Career Advice, Career Insurance

Have you heard of career insurance?

You’ve heard of life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, holiday insurance, but what about career…
Mentoring, Career Advice, Procrastination

The virus called procrastination.

I used to work in Denmark and before returning to the UK my colleagues organised a leaving do for me, but one of my…
Career Advice, Interview Advice

Judging a book by its cover.

In an interview you will be probed, you will be emotionally prodded, scrutinised and examined, your ideas, values and…

Mental Health is loving your dark side! By Palma Palmer

Mental Health is loving your dark side! by Palma PalmerDo our emotions betray us sometimes?Do we become childish,…
Career Advice, Self Confidence

Is lifelong learning really worth the effort?

Do you want to improve your career prospects, enhance your employability, make your job applications stand out? These…

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