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Rings, Insurance, Valuation, Gift Ideas

Why it's important to get valuations for your Jewellery

Do you have up to date valuations for your Jewellery? Or any valuations?? Ever had that diamond ring or Rolex watch…
Luxury, Business, Corporate, Travel agent

Why Use the professional Services of a travel Consultant

As a Travel Consultant serving business, corporate, families and affluent traveller, its important for me to offer that…
Retail, Buying, Innovation, Negotiation

Take time for a tea

In this fast paced world where time seems limited and pressures are excessive - do you ever take time to stop and have…
Retail, Product Manager, Change Management

Beans Again!!!!

BEANS AGAIN!!!!! We all love BEANS but served everyday would be so boring! So... we think and plan, add variety and…
Retail, Success, Negotiation, Business Growth

Do you ever think 'Why am I not making more impact with...

The life of a corporate buyer has changed, there is less time to pre-select, dwell on decisions and spend hours…
Retail, New Business, Retail Marketing

Are you stuck in a silo or are you thinking outside the box?

Too often our thinking is confined to silos of how its been done before and get stuck on the negatives of why ‘it’…
Retail, Brand Development, Growth Strategies

Is your brand performing to the max?

What are the next steps for your brand? How do you generate increased turnover? Have you considered Travel Retail?…
Retail, Commercial, Travel Retail

Why you need to re-invent your retail concepts today.....

In this digital age of retail, Z generation and informed shoppers it is essential to stay ahead of the game and…
Profit, Market Knowledge, Strategic Advice

Enhance your brand/product today

What are the next steps for your brand? How do you generate increased turnover? Have you considered Travel Retail?…
Pricing, Kieran perry, Retail sales expert

Selling in a Price Increase

The decision has been made.“Your company is making a price increase and it’s your job to go out and make it happen. …
Design, Telecoms, Agri-Tech, Engineering


We asked some of the Mathys & Squire team to share their predictions for 2018, and trends they think their clients…
Patent, Food and Drink, Intellectual Property

Life Could Be Looking Sweeter For The Food Industry

The food industry is currently facing challenges from many angles, including catering to new consumer trends, which…

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