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Career Advice, Career Mentoring 2 days ago

If you haven’t got a career mentor, get one!

As the majority of us have, or will, experience, misfortunes in our careers are par for the course.You may have already experienced redundancy caused by some of the following:…

Charity, Charities, Not for Profit 2 days ago

Charities! Increase your donations and fundraising by at...

Last week's article was about Not-for-profit organisations, and why they have started. Today, I will share with you the reasons why I have decided to do this pro-bono workshop.For…

#funding, #cashflow, #business, #insolvency 18th January 2019

Threat of Insolvency does not have to be the end of the road

During it's life time it is possible for a business to encounter a situation beyond the management's control. Such events can include:- The cancellation of an order- A payment…

R & E Finance Financial Services
Finance, Cash flow, FInance Director 18th January 2019

Worried about Brexit? See how to generate more cashflow

We start 2019 with fresh eyes on the year ahead and planning what we want to achieve, both personally and in business. With Brexit looming heavily and uncertainty on the horizon,…

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Growth, Patent, Business, Investment 30th January 2018

The value of IP for high growth businesses

In this guest Q&A article, Powervault (PV), interviewed by their Patent Attorneys, Mathys & Squire (M&S), discuss their journey and the value of intellectual property (IP) for…

Attitude, Career Management, Career Advancement 24th September 2018

GCSE, A Level, BA, BSc, MBA or EQ?

Someone with a degree is no more likely to be a top performer than is someone with no qualifications at all. As Zig Ziglar said, “Attitude, not Aptitude, determines…

CV Advice, The Golden Rule, Career Management 7th May 2018

The Golden Rule in practice

Honesty, fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty: these are but a few of the 'values' that are integral to the practice of the Golden Rule.If you treat me with your values and I treat you…

Management, Employment disputes 29th October 2018

5 steps to winning a tribunal claim

There are 5 straightforward steps that significantly increase your company’s chances of winning a tribunal claim.Step 1: Take AdviceTake advice before you take action.  If you…

Funding, Business strategy, Organisation Design 22nd October 2018

5 Things to watch out for when growing your business

Pressures on cashflow, staff costs and evolving legislation now force SMEs to critically assess how to fulfil their business objectives without compromising the bottom line and…

Property, Property advice, Property Investment 26th November 2018

Property Developer or Investor?

CDM 2015 Client Duties The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction…

Better Safety Health & Safety Consultant
Trainer, Business start up, Business strategy 26th November 2018

If the business has goals and targets, then your...

Most people go into business in the thing that they love, or the thing that they’re really good at, nevertheless, a lot of business owners are never taught HOW to run a business,…

Property, Investment, Buy To Let 16th October 2018

Good news for buy to let investors

The UK housing market is constantly in the news, whether the reports are about the shortfall of homes being built or debates over the merits of social housing. One area which…

Knight Knox Investment Property Agent
Gamification, Business Game, Winning at Business 22nd September 2018

Winning the Game of Business

By Peter Messervy, Opus Magnum22.September.20198             How can we win at business in this uncertain and competitive environment today? A rapidly spreading business tool is…

Cashflow, Business advice, Business strategy 15th October 2018

Improve your Cashflow

Many SMEs (small and medium sized businesses) run out of cash whilst still profitable because they are unable to meet financial obligations when they become due, so profitability…

Mortgages, Protection, First Time Buyers 23rd May 2018

First time buyer mortgages

                                                          First time buyer mortgagesBuying your first home can be a real maze for clients looking to buy their first property. Here…

Property 24th September 2018

Manchester named one of world’s top cities for investment

A major new report released by IT giant IBM has revealed that, thanks to FinTech, cyber security and advanced materials, Manchester is ranked in the global top 10 cities for…

Knight Knox Investment Property Agent

Latest Articles

Employment & HR 18th January 2019

Adapting to a future of remote working

Without a doubt, flexible working has grown at a rapid pace in recent years – largely powered by the significant developments in technology, allowing for our teams to work…

Manwood James... Recruitment Consultant
Interview Skills, Career Mentoring 17th January 2019

Every interviewee should ask this question.

It is certainly true that every failed interview brings you one step closer to success. But while we're talking about failed interviews lets look at a very common reason for…

Employment & HR 16th January 2019

Giving the underdog candidate a chance.

In business sports stories are often used as metaphors to make a point and the recent story of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer performance as Manchester United’s Manager is one to note for…

Manwood James... Recruitment Consultant
CDM 2015, CDM advice, Architects 16th January 2019

3 Myths every Architect should know about Principal...

Myth 1: The Principal Designer can only be a single person under CDM 2015 They can be an organisation or an individual with sufficient knowledge, experience and ability to carry…

Better Safety Health & Safety Consultant
Property, Architects, Property Aquisitions 16th January 2019

3 Myths every Property Developer should know

Myth 1: I don’t need to worry about health and safety on my projects because that is the contractors’ job.  Fact: You will likely be deemed as “The Client” under the Construction…

Better Safety Health & Safety Consultant
Inspiration, Career Coaching, Career Mentoring 14th January 2019

Another lesson from my great uncle Ernest.

My great uncle Ernest had a very successful commercial career. I was not surprised therefore when, at age 89, he uttered the following words. "This fridge isn't very efficient,…

Charities, Fundraising, Charity event 14th January 2019

Increase Donations & Fundraising by at least 30%

In a previous article, I have shared with you my vision as to Why ActionCOACH. I talked about my vision helping business owners build a succession plan, and sustain a company that…

Inspiration, Career Mentoring, Career Management 10th January 2019

Do you direct, manage or lead?

Broadly speaking I agree with George S Patton's famous quote, "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results," but I think…

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