WBC is a physiotherapists and body work practitioners that provide a highly skilled, friendly and personal service. During the initial consultation a full body reading and palpation session is used to ensure the root cause of the problem is addressed and treated.
Poor posture, prolonged sitting or faulty body mechanics can create patterns of tension or strain through-out the body. At WBC we work to find these stain patterns using body reading and palpation.


Our treatments are aimed to target these patterns of tension by using techniques such as
• Deep tissue massage
• Trigger pointing
• Myofascial release
• Flexo taping
• Joint mobilisations
We also use the more specialist techniques of fascial release which aims to use the body and movement to unlock this tension and allow the bodies structures to function correctly.
The clinic is committed to providing a hands-on service with a targeted exercise programme to ensure clients get the most out of the treatment sessions.
We provide a corporate package whereby our therapist can visit a company workplace and provide treatments and advice to prevent or ease work or postural related problems.


  • WBC physiotherapy

    - Current


BSc Hons in Physiotherapy 2008

Clubs and Associations

CSP, HPC and Physio first registered.

Interests and Hobbies

Run a clinic for the Glossop mountain rescue team.
Attended further educational courses in:

Bodywork professionals
Anatomy trains
Muscle activation techniques

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