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Ben Pianese, founder of Massaggi sports massage London, brings together sports massage techniques and modern science to create a revolutionary and personalised approach to massage therapy. He is specially trained in the Emmett Technique, Bowen Therapy, Reconnective Healing, trigger points therapy, massage (remedial, therapeutic and sports), Thai foot reflexology, and Reiki (Healing Master Level 3), among others. He has also helped patients find relief from pain, effectively recover from injuries, get back into top form, and achieve an improved quality of life.

Massage is the best therapy to help your body to relax. If you are involved in a office job, like sitting at desk all day and want to relieve some back tension, your qualified London massage can help eliminate back pain, reduce mental stress and also help improving concentration. Expert massage therapist can relax the soft tissues of the body with healing hands and organic aromatherapy massage oils, gently stretching each individual muscles group and rehabilitate joints structure. Massage help achieve good muscles movement and recalibrate better function of ligaments and tendons.

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