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I am a coach, mentor and consultant focusing on all things that fall under the wellbeing umbrella - specifically relating to Mind, Body & Environment.  I guide and assist individuals and companies to bring out their best and happiest selves.  I am passionate about working with people to discover and unlock their full potential in any and all areas of life. 

I have spent 20 years helping others with the most important facets of their lives.  My goal is help as many people feel well, comfortable and a force to be reckoned within all that they do. It can be a tough journey investigating our own minds and resultant behaviours and I have developed tools, systems and resources to facilitate doing just this. 

I delight in working with individuals to achieve goals and learn new habits and skills - but also companies too.  I assist companies to implement a structure conducive to the wellness of its team members.  There is a big responsibility for companies to do so but the benefits outweigh that responsibility by increasing productivity of the individuals so that they collectively surpass the competition and boast a revered company culture.

I believe the best companies are ones that recognise how valuable each individual team member is and takes steps to ensure that each person is healthy and happy.  My goal is to be a part of that so everyone involved feels acknowledged and secure. Facilitating this results in job satisfaction and engagement which directly correlates to performance and productivity. 

I created True Wellbeing with all of this in mind, conscious of the fact that communication and connection are paramount for any high minded individual or company to move forward.  I am enthused and motivated by the results that I see from the very first conversations I have through to the programmes and workshops I deliver personally or devise and facilitate.  I look forward to each day, week, month and year that brings new challenges and sees the results of more and more people feeling their best and growing in any direction they choose to!

About me: I take great pride in sharing my experiences and learnings to help others but also use them for myself too!  In my time outside of client work, I practice and teach yoga, write a blog about food and nutrition, enjoy quality time with friends and family, spend time in nature and meditate daily.  I am supported by a strong network of wonderful people for whom I am grateful for daily.



  • True Wellbeing

    Wellbeing Consultant
    - Current
    True Wellbeing

Education History

  • Business Psychology

    University of Westminster
    1997 - 2001


Coaching Certificate

Nutrition Qualification

Yoga Teacher Qualification

Project Management

Interests and Hobbies

  • Yoga
  • Self-Care
  • Healthy Eating
  • Socialising
  • Being out in nature
  • Meeting new people

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