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You may have heard the term 'Wellbeing' alongside other buzzwords of categories within it such as 'mindfulness' and 'resilience'. You may not have a proper insight to what these terms really mean but the fact that these topics are being referenced and acknowledged with their own terminology is a good thing. It means that your work environment and your health, both inside and outside of that space, is important and is being considered by your employers, wider community and the government.




noun: wellbeing

1. the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy."an improvement in the patient's well-being"

If you are looking how to further or improve what you do for your team members or just are curious about your own wellbeing - in relation to your workplace or otherwise - this article will give you an overview of what it all means. Looking after your own or others’ wellbeing will be a natural thing for some but assistance is available and I hope this gives you some! Enjoy reading.

Your company's wellbeing requirements

As societies and demographics needs and requirements change outside of their working environment, as do they for what people require from their workplace. People need and want their place of business to be engaging whilst also being structured without being stifling. 

From their management and team, workers expect - or at least hope to have - a degree of commitment to one another, respect and camaraderie so that they feel supported. The outcome of a supported network is increased productivity, longevity and ambassadorial output from and to the wider network of clients and peers.

The above pertains to and comes under the umbrella of 'Well-Being at Work' which is of highest importance as we move through economic times which elicit the need for ensuring that the skilled workers are in the correct roles, feel valued and have the right 'space' to maximise on what they do so well - and the converse of this, recognition and subsequent adjustment.

It is a significant job to investigate companies' wellbeing requirements, strategise with Executive level personnel to produce a robust yet fluid strategy and implement bespoke wellness programmes. It is imperative to consider market factors and trends of the industry in which the company sits to understand which modalities and techniques within the wellbeing arena are suitable to the company and the team individuals.

Further to this a detailed bespoke programme outline that can be structured and implemented from day one, with backing from a small amount of resourcing and input from the right people. 

Monitoring and review the impact of the programme on the business, its individuals and a close eye kept on how this is actualised. Furthermore, considerations can be made about how elements can be filtered through to products and services to benefit the customer and the business.

Why Wellbeing is so Important amongst your Workforce

It is highly pertinent to the success of the programme to maintain full visibility and communication within immediate working communities such as HR, learning and development and any managers associated with the outreach of the programme. It is also possible to improve and implement recruitment drives following parts of the material.

Implementing an appropriate and effective communication strategy for delivering the programme is company specific and is dependant on current offerings, products, culture, values and proposed outcome required. 

Use an expert who has researched government legislation, written bespoke programmes and intersperses programme delivery with self development, training and study to further their knowledge and expertise. Ensure they are in the right position to work on 3-month to 2-year programmes and have the capabilities to expand this to 5 years for large companies as the necessity for doing so grows.

The main aim within any company is to create a feeling of connectivity amongst individual team members, wider teams, departments and the organisation as a wider whole. I envisage a bright future for any company that has its finger on the pulse by knowing that and the real heartbeat is within each and every individual.

How a Wellbeing Programme is Best Delivered

People require nourishment and there are optimum levels (and opportunities) for this to be provided to elicit the best outcomes. Individuals and different moving parts of an organisation will have different needs and requirements and so analysing best practices must be done to a certain (and predetermined) level of granularity.

Start with the basics such as one-to-one or group sessions to gauge where people's general state of wellbeing is with a series of discussions and questionnaires and then by formulating an initial summary, with suggestions, from doing the outcome of these. The main areas should focus around physical and mental health, attitude towards the company in terms of both wellbeing and the company itself and self-appraisal as to how the individuals feel they contribute.

Either a test group or a team with which you know you would like to focus could be the best starting point. Then formulate the delivery plan based upon this group. I personally incorporate experts who focus on factors such as body language, business coaching, lifestyle investment but you can always consider internal people to assist me with the programme. 

This will determine what is required next but usually results in a beta group test of a programme that is written further to the initial findings. I recommend the delivery should be with the form - or a mixture of :-



• Try to make everything as accessible and as fluid to implement as possible. 

• Good communication of what it all entails is key to the success of the programme. 

• Make sure you have as many ambassadors on-side well in advance of implementation.

A collaborative approach in all areas of the business is imperative and should be achieved through as many mediums as possible. Such as:

• Regular 1:1 meetings - between managers and team members

• Employee questionnaires to find out what needs could be addressed

• A structured social calendar - formal and informal

• Everyone encouraged to ask questions in all communications

If you would like an informal discussion on any of the above, please call me Anna at True Wellbeing on 07872 562 343. I am available on a consultative basis as it stands and for programme implementation on a case by case basis. 

A bit about me:

I help people find answers, from within themselves, to how, for them, to feel strong in all areas of their life so that they can perform and exist at their highest level of capabilities. I also teach people about what good nutrition, movement and self-care looks like for them so they can excel within themselves, their lifestyle and their environment.

Working with groups and individuals within workshops and programmes provides a learning and discovery platform that in turn leads to increased performance, productivity and job satisfaction. This in-turn results in wellbeing becoming embedded as part of a company culture by it being seen as a constructive element in assisting the company reaching its goals.

I am a natural coach but combine this with in depth knowledge of how to best further business practices from both a sales and operations perspective. I am an intuitive person who can determine what is working within a corporate environment to enable people to get the best from themselves and anyone they also come into contact with. I am hugely passionate about Wellbeing @ Work and all that I do!

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