Zee worked with me on an issue I was struggling to get started on.  
I seemed to be going round in circles, questioning and doubting myself and basically getting nowhere.  Zee worked with me using a technique known as “The Disney Creative Strategy”.  This technique enabled me to separate my creative thoughts from self criticism and view the situation objectively.  I was able to utilise the my own criticisms to improve my plans of execution rather than knock back my creative ideas.  Ultimately I made great progress thanks to Zee’s deployment of this useful NLP technique.''
Tony Feleppe.

- Tony Feleppe, January 2018 View
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''I found the ‘Creatively Disney’ NLP technique an eye-opening experience. I was at cross roads and did not know what steps to take regarding the future of my business. Working with Zee was amazing and I gained so much clarity within a session which was quite powerful.''
Violet Karamagi - Founder of The Net Worth Academy

- Violet Karamagi, January 2018 View
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''First I would like to thank Zee for the wonderful experience of coaching she has provided me. She is professional and very confident and helped all the way through my goals. With Zee I realised the value of changing goals from session to session- although at first I was fixed and thought that I was 100% sure about the topic That I wanted to discuss in my sessions.. As I felt comfortable I changed the topics from practical ones to more challenging one.  this was huge already as I attempted to discuss with Zee an emotional topic such as gaining emotional clarity. Thus, I would say changing my focus to more challenging topics helped ne channel my efforts to explore it and finally achieve it. Furthermore, Zee challenged my way of thinking by helping me see from different perspectives (and I still keep thinking like having a magic wand in my hands!) within the sessions I also realised I have unlimited options to achieve my goals and that valuable Toolis trial and error, until I found what works for me.
I would definitely recommend Zee's services.
Thank you.
Maria Mastrogianni

- Maria Mastrogianni, January 2018 View
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Zee's sessions were of great help to achieve the goals I set out. She made me realise my strengths & helped in creating achievable plans/ actions. She bring great energy to the sessions with a professional manner. She challenged me to enable me to achieve a lot, exploring all areas that needed attention. As well as holding me accountable for my results. Zee is an excellent coach who is capable of motivating the clients by making them feel comfortable whilst devising their own achievable plans.

- Stanka Petrova, January 2018 View
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I had the privialge of working with Zeenat again as my coach. With her positive nature as always she makes coaching sessions fun and playful! Zee has helped me show up for myself session after session. As a coach, she is very attentive, highlights and feedbacks strengths which is truly empowering.
During the sessions there were many AHA moments and I believe Zee with her active listening phrased questions that really challenged my own thinking. Her combination of coaching and NLP skills were powerful tools that helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and what sometimes held me back and prevented me to take action. Having completed my coaching sessions, I am very grateful to Zee for being an eyeopener. Anybody working with her as coach, will be happy they did!''
Thank you Zeenat. 

- Selma Radovac, January 2018 View
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'Before I talked with Zee I felt that my life was spiralling out of control. I felt like a ship lost in a dark stormy sea drowning. Zee brought me back quickly and calmly into the safe waters of a  sunny harbour. Through her skills and guidance I am now able to control situations much more effectively and I can look forward to each day again.'' 
Thank you.

- January 2018 View
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Working with Zee using Disney's Creative project technique allowed me to play the role of the dreamer, the realist and the critique--three different perceptual positions. It was refreshing to shift thinking modes which sparked creativity and I was able to design solutions to successfully reach my goal. The technique, under Zee's impeccable guidance, further helped punch holes on the limiting beliefs I had, which prevented me from moving towards the goal. It's a powerful and a very effective approach."
Selma Radovac - Wellness Coach

- January 2018 View
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Zee is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is kind, empathetic and fun. She helped and supported me uncover different aspects of me and break limiting barriers with various NLP and coaching techniques. Thanks for your help and look forward to seeing more of you into the future.
Dina Pyramid -Business Psychologist & Coach

- January 2018 View
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