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Using Mindfulness to unlock your inner brilliance

By using mindfulness and guided coaching in your working practice, you unlock many ideas and thoughts that are currently off your radar that will remove frustrations and bring a new focus and purpose into your corporate working life.

Why settle for coping with frustrations when you can remove them?



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CIPD level 3 coaching in the workplace 2:1 degree sports development PTLLS NLP Practitioner Emotional intelligence ETaC (evaluating truth and credibility) Over 20 years observation, analysis and implementation of successful coaching programmes

Clubs and Associations

International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Interests and Hobbies

I'm interested in the behaviours of people but know there is a time and place to analyse so should you think I'm analysing you, I'm not, I'm genuinely interested in you...unless you've paid me to analyse you!

As a father to be, my hobbies will include changing nappies and figuring out what the little one needs. Please someone distract me!

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