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Kieran Perry Product and Sales Expert

I advise and work with all types of new and established businesses across the UK, helping companies grow sales, explaining the best ways to launch new products and services, training how to increase sales online and instore, and guiding how to successfully price for Retail, Wholesale and Trade sales. I also advise and mentor on a wide range of other Selling and Business topics to ensure your business gets the right route to market and sales fast.

I specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses, grow their product or service offering, I now share my experience and knowledge, to help create a strategy to help grow sales and your business cost effectively.

Need Advice and guidance with

  • Launching a Product in the UK.
  • Product to market
  • Understand and reaching Buyers
  • Increasing Brand or Service Offer
  • Retail, Trade or Wholesale Pricing
  • How to get started
  • Selling Online
  • Help with Sales
  • How to sell - and finding Sales Agents


  • Product Sales Expert & Sales Mentor

    - Current
    Product Sales Expert & Sales Mentor


A Leader Member of the professional body for the sales industry. The Institute of Sales Management.
Qualified NLP Business Coach.
Qualified NLP Performance Development Coach.

Clubs and Associations

"You have been such a great sense of direction, support and strength to the team and your contribution and attitude has been immense to the company. I cannot understate how much we have enjoyed working with you and the value you add to any company."

If you are interested in what I can do for you or your business, then please have a look at my other pages in this website, Product Sales Expert, , Business Coach etc, as I go into more detail about the range of services I offer as a Business Mentor  in the UK.

Please contact me through my contact page or alternatively email me direct at  or call 07912 846492 


Interests and Hobbies

"I spoke to Kieran about my personal requirements and arranged a one day workshop. I found Kieran to be extremely professional and I was impressed with his extensive knowledge of sales, including wholesale, retail sales and websites. Kieran provided me with new building blocks to enhance our business and great ideas to grow our leisure brand. I would recommend Kieran to any company."

As part of my role as a business mentor, small business consultant, I also understand the huge challenges when starting up your own business and launching your own new brands and products. Excitement can easily turn to frustration - if you have everything you need... apart from sales. With my practical and workable strategies and advice, I have always achieved fantastic results whether for a traditional family owned business, or new online start up business - I also own and run a number of very successful online retail business, and offer a tried and tested approach to developing sales online and ways to improve brand exposure on and offline - and now I offer to do the same for you.

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