My life is now spent in education, but not exclusively in the Education Sector. The need to recharge batteries in such a fast moving world as we experience today is common to all sectors, not least in Business.
My specialist subject is very special indeed because it helps people of any age, gender, creed, race without discrimination to achieve their goals; and without burnout.
The methods are proven and available in a very convenient manner.
The first step is to consult a qualified, certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation®.
John Markham
07973 303943


Essentially Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is a technique used in the mind which has an effect in raising consciousness. It is consciousness which is at the root of every individual, and its quality will determine the quality of decision making together with having a large influence on the status of health in body and mind.
And it is not an imaginary thing, this consciousness, its level can be measured through sophisticated testing equipment. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of the brain; these are used in accident wards to record brain wave patterns to determine awareness. What we now have is sophisticated technology, TM, to enable the individual in normal life to step up to higher states of consciousness. This progression feeds through to waking, dreaming and sleeping, enhancing our familiar states of consciousness.
The expression: “high” on drugs is informative in this connection because using these substances leads to altered states of consciousness – but the coming down may produce a “low”; needing to stay in that high state may lead to addiction.
Far, far better to get high on the chemicals produced within the physiology quite naturally through a round of TM.
The teacher of TM is trained in making this technique available step by step at a rate of receptivity appropriate to the student. Results are predictable, over a period of time, and each student very quickly becomes a fully fledged meditator


  • Maharishi Foundation

    100+ Employees 1992 - Current
    Maharishi Foundation
    I learned Transcendental Meditation® in 1978 as a result of 600 doctors petitioning the government to make it freely available on the NHS. I have taken many advanced TM courses since and had such good experiences that I took training to become a teacher graduating in 1992. I have run centres in London, Essex, Bournemouth and since 2003 Manchester and the North-West generally. References describing my quality of work may be found on Linkedin. My two specific roles currently are: • to attend to the welfare of the children at the Maharishi School in Lathom, Lancashire; • Director of Rehabilitation of Offenders in England. METHODS OF DELIVERY TM traditionally taught to individual applicants: Since teaching started in 1959 around 6 million have learned mostly coming for training singly who would form part of a group for the course. TM taught to affinity groups: Whilst each individual learns on a one to one basis with the teacher on day 1, it is valuable to be part of a group with a common purpose. The affinity maybe in a company, a sports club, occupational health, retired groups, prisoners or patient care groups etc. TM taught privately It is possible to arrange a one person course on application.

Education History

  • GCE O Levels

    Eltham Green Comprehensive
    1958 - 1960
    An excellent secondary school south of the River Thames.
  • GCE O Levels

    Barking Abbey
    1961 - 1964
    A good school north of the River Thames
  • Finance & Accounting

    University of East London (North East London Polytechnic)
    1978 - 1981
    A 3 year B.A. Hons., course of the humanities with focus on finance.
  • Phase 1 TTC

    Maharishi European Research University
    1990 - 1990
    The first instalment to become a teacher of TM
  • Phase 3 TTC

    Maharishi European Research University
    1991 - 1992
    The final instalment of Teachers Training in TM tuition.


Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation validated by Maharishi Vedic Institute.

Clubs and Associations

Maharishi Vedic Institute

Maharishi European Sidhaland

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Business Growth Hub

Caravan and Camping club

Interests and Hobbies

Principally I am interested in personal development for myself and for those in my environment. I have been a member of a large group of meditators in West Lancashire since 1982; this has resulted in not only having a good life-style, although not prescriptive, but also a terrific set of like minded friends.
My leisure pursuits:
Cycling, theatre principally the Octagon, Bolton, reading, music and walking. This last year I have loved being in a caravan deep in the heart of the country.

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