Theresa Wood's Testimonial

Theresa reported to me for the past twenty-three years as my personal and administrative
assistant, during this period the listed companies I have been involved are :-
- Innscor Africa Ltd
- Padenga Holding Ltd
- Simbisa Ltd
- Axia Ltd.
Whilst Theresa’s title was Administrative Assistant for most of the period , Theresa did
take on other roles within the companies , one being the Procurement Manager for
Padenga Holdings, which carried a lot of difficulties in having to co-ordinate between the
farms and people at the Kariba farms and having to manage the local and cross border
purchases and payments .
Theresa was responsible for managing the offices that we have occupied during these
years and office movements when they took place, in addition, Theresa has provided
oversight and direction of the receptionists and many other incoming staff.
On a Personal Assistant basis, Theresa was highly efficient in running many of my
personal affairs, being personal financial recording and accounting, managing personal
properties and other personal administrative duties. Theresa assisted my wife and family
on many occasions, from visas to travel arrangements and many other individual needs.
My family will sorely miss Theresa.
She assisted me with many aspects of my work from, Shareholder presentation
preparations, and visual aids to making sure that the presentation rooms were correctly
supplied for the required presentations.
Theresa was an extremely effective contributor to all at our company and when a task was
requested of her it was always enthusiastically taken on. Additional responsibilities as they
were requested were easily taken on and Theresa handled each new request with
eagerness and professionalism.
Theresa will be sorely missed by all at our company.
Theresa is leaving to relocate for family reasons. It is my hope that this recommendation
letter will assist her to obtain a position that will take advantage of her many capabilities.
We are sorry to see Theresa go, but we completely understand that her priority must be
the needs of her family.
I was very fortunate to have had Theresa working for me and the companies I have been
involved in over the past 23 years and hope that if you become her next employer that you
appreciate her as much as we have.

Michael Fowler

- THERESA wood, March 2022
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