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My name is Theresa Wood, I am a Partner with SmartPA. SmartPA is a world class brand which provides high quality PA, administrative and business support services to businesses of all sizes and individuals.

My aim is to provide an exceptional high-quality service to my clients.  I have access to highly skilled SmartPA’s and a wider skillset, which then allows the client to focus on productivity, growth which creates revenue within their business. My service is based around the client’s needs.

To ensure that I deliver an exceptional service and best practice at all times my business utilises world class leading technology, invests in training and education to ensure my skills remain current.

I quickly integrate into your business to think, act and behave like a member of your team.

Everyday life can mean lots of things to juggle, whether that’s in your business life, your personal life, or both. Trying to keep on top of everything can be stressful and so time consuming that it seems to need more hours than there are in the day. Sometimes having an extra pair of experienced hands is just what is needed to ensure that not only is everything running smoothly, but that you also get back some of your valuable time.


  • Virtual Concierge Solutions Limited

    - Current
    Virtual Concierge Solutions Limited




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