• Russian-English interpreter
  • Italian-English interpreter
  • French-English interpreter
  • Bulgarian-English interpreter
  • Russian-Italian interpreter
  • Russian-French interpreter
  • Italian-French interpreter
  • technical interpreter
  • Scientific interpreter
  • business interpreting
  • conference interpreting
  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • skype interpreting
  • phone interpreting
  • Business correspondence


fields of specialisation

Mathematical methods and computational techniques,photography and fotoshoot,hairdressing/hair color, forensic DNA Analysis, Forensic Drug Testing and Analysis / Forensic Chemistry, Automotive, bank operations, tree care, flexible safety barrier and bollards for industrial workplace, automatic identification and  traceability equipment, automation industrial equipment, interview, joint ceramic impalnts, smart car parking, catering business, pipeline utilites, gambling, sugar and bio-fuel industry, payment systems, decorative cosmetics, travel kits, financial investments, hosiery, television, aerospace, cosmetics, design and architecture, renewable energy, furniture industry, chemical industry, innovative technologies, smoking accessories, agricultural machinery and equipment, irrigation systems, furniture production, bathroom furnishings and sanitary ware, architecture, interior design, construction machinery, materials and equipment, iron and steel, purification and distribution of drinking water technology, purification and distribution of waste waters technology, textile and clothes industry, boot and shoe industry, haberdashery, hotel business, restaurant business, real estate, production and installation of green-house structures, wine production, architectural hardware, fitness, meeting industry, paper and pulp industry, industrial paper-cutting machinery


  • Technical and Business Interpreter

    1 - 5 Employees 2005 - Current

    12 year experience in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at technical seminars, business negotiations, medical device certification audits, production sites visit, international conferences. Fields of specialisation include agriculture, automotive, automatic equipment and robotic, forestry and woodworking, textile and fashion industry, paper and pulp industry, architecture and interior design, cinema and television, hospitality, construction, finance, renewable energy, gambling and payment systems, industrial equipment, shoe-making, wine-making, automatic identification and traceability equipment, workplace barrier systems, cosmetics and others

Education History

  • Foreign languages

    1998 - 2002

    Interpreting and translation techniques, English language and literature, French language and literature



Interests and Hobbies

languages learning, travelling

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