A performance and result orientated professional with extensive experience and proven success in building relationships.
An ambitious and highly motivated individual with excellent marketing and business development skills.
Expert in consultative sales on different levels, translating technical solutions into end-user terminologies to convert.
Exceptional time management and networking skills and able to execute multiple responsibilities.
Excellent interpersonal skills and likable personality to build and sustain effective business relationships.
Able to work on deadlines and tight schedules.
A hard working individual with abilities to accomplish different assignments simultaneously.


ISO 9001 Certified team specializing in digital marketing solutions including Websites, Mobile Applications, SEO/PPC, Bespoke Software Solutions for SME's, Lead Generation & Technical Support in Call Centre environment.


  • Lyseis Marketing Ltd

    - Current
    Lyseis Marketing Ltd

Education History

  • MSc Human Resource Management

    University of Manchester
    2009 - 2010

Clubs and Associations

BNI, B For B, Simply Networking

Interests and Hobbies

Networking, Collaborations with other companies

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