The online landscape changes every single day. As much as businesses are in control of their products, supply chain and sales processes, the Digital arena provides some fairly unique challenges.

I help businesses to build their websites from an idea, through to discovery phase, design and development and launch (and then some!).

My passion is working on projects from inception, through the wild and often wonderful cycle of a web project, building powerful, visually engaging, user centric websites.

- I enjoy speaking to marketers, developers, designers, MD's/FD's designers, sales and helping them understand projects better. Better understanding means more accurate products

- I love big ideas

- I love big ideas which bring in big results even more

- I love delivering successful projects

- I product own projects which I work on, meaning from first to last contact I work alongside my clients


Website Design/Development, UX, UI, Organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing


  • Click Consult

    Senior Web Business Development Manager
    21 - 100 Employees 2011 - Current
    Click Consult

Interests and Hobbies

Interested in building good business relationships and working on interesting/succesful projects. I also love running/keeping fit, American Sports and Playing guitar

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