I work with Type A corporate professionals such as CEO’s, Directors, Executives, Managers Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs helping them regain control of their health.

Type A professionals typically don’t see stress and anxiety as a negative. They use the adrenaline to fuel their desire for success. It provides them with the ability to work harder, longer and faster.

This has short-term benefits with devastating long-term effects on their health. Most people end up with chronic digestive issues (including IBS, Crohn's etc), autoimmune diseases, allergies, high blood pressure, intolerances and chronic inflammation.

Leaving them frustrated, unfocused and desperate for solutions. They no longer can work harder, longer or faster. Instead, they can’t function at the same level.

That's where I come in. I help people Get Their Sh*t Together with my direct coaching style. I have a no B/S straight talk for people who want to gain control of their health and become more productive. With my health protocols and techniques for stress and anxiety, I help high-functioning performers sustain productivity, indefinitely.


  • Katie Maycock - Get Your Sh*T Together

    Anxiety Specialist
    - Current

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