Scott Pollack said Business Development is “the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships”. This is exactly what I do at The Mobile Bakery, I create long-term valuable relationships with our customers. Our mission is to understand their business to develop big opportunities in the mobile world. The key to success is not to change the companies business model based on each channel, we have to understand and study how we can develop a strategy to detect business opportunities in the mobile world.


At the Mobile Bakery we integrate all the factors that are necessary to understand a business and successfully move it to the mobile environment.We believe that without a clear business objective, an app can be a waste of budget. Our mission is to accomplish goals and business objectives through a distinctive strategy with a human purpose in the mobile sector.Like in the bes pastry shop, we combine the finest ingredients:- Mobile Strategy- UI/UX Design- Code Development- Campaigns and Analytics


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