• Strategic partnerships
  • Business development
  • Project portfolio management
  • Market insights & analysis


Gladys Edusei has over ten years of experience in Business Operations and Management Functions, including a mid-level position.

She currently works for a London-based company that delivers smart information, market insights and technologies to businesses. She engages with high-growth technology companies in the UK and international markets.


  • Linktech Business Group

    2015 - Current
    Linktech Business Group

    -Developing an overall vision, strategy and execution plan for our operations in the UK; optimising the company’s existing portfolio and taking steps to accelerate its strategic efforts; streamlining our resources and prioritising for best returns; finding growth based on each of our core businesses

    -Engaging with multiple start-ups and high-growth technology enterprises that are synergistic with our target; collaborating with digital platforms and brands to maximise the reach of the company’s distribution networks

    -Building strategic alliances with companies to give our clients and partners market opportunities; bolstering the capabilities of businesses

    -Managing strategic alliances and partnerships with tech businesses; partnering with digital companies to develop and bring technology products to the market

    -Embracing analytical tools & data to drive decisions to grow alliances

Education History

  • PhD in Economics

    Aix - Marseille University
    2007 - 2010
  • International Affairs and Strategic Information

    Aix - Marseille University
    2005 - 2006


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