I am an experienced business analyst and digital marketing visionary, and co-author of 14 digital marketing guides. I have worked with top Blue Chip companies as well as smaller businesses in the areas of business intelligence, digital marketing, social media and reputation marketing. The MD of Conflux Consultants Ltd and SVP Europe for Cayenne Technologies, living in Cheshire with my wife, 2 daughters and granddaughter. 

Digital marketing has provided an amazing platform for businesses to reach a wider audience, but in doing so businesses have lost control of their data, content and reputation. I have an international research and development team who identify the next generation paradigm shifts in marketing so our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

There are two critical factors impacting businesses right now:-

#1) 92% of people check online reviews before purchasing Your on-line reputation is - the single most important factor - which influences the decision of a potential buyer when it comes to choosing a product or a service. Conflux guides organisations through the steps to develop a 5 Star Reputation on-line, then demonstrate how to market your reputation very successfully. ~~~~~ We will cover the production costs of a video review for your business and bring you up to date on the four major changes which affect all businesses. Contact us today for your video review. ~~~~~

#2) 71% of social users are on a mobile device Demographic changes are revolutionising how people do Social Media, Email Marketing, Website Publishing and Digital Marketing. We have launched Cayenne a simple to use Social Micro-site which combines the popular functions people use in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, Slideshare, MailChimp and Instagram in a single dashboard. Cayenne's library makes it easy to share your content across your social media and captures all your engagement in one place to provide you with consolidated reporting that you own. We make your marketing much more effective with less effort. ~~~~~

We are offering a 40% discount to founder members who we will work with and use as case studies to help grow our UK presence. ~~~~~

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As a marketing company we invest heavily in research and development, so we can help our clients and partners to engage in conversations with their customers and to differentiate themselves from their competition.

During the last five years I have been developing unique international links to research and identify best practice for digital marketing, off-line marketing and social media marketing. My objective is to keep one step ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing world of the internet and utilise this knowledge to help improve business development.

~ Always looking for win-win situations where everyone can reap the benefits

~ Analysing paradigm shifts to assess impacts on business and markets

~ Building strategic partnerships with complementary products and services

~ Leveraging technology to drive business efficiency and improve customer service

~ Utilisation of Data Capture and Management Information reporting to improve Business Intelligence

Reputation Monitoring, Management & Marketing | Business Development | Marketing Strategies | Business Intelligence | Business Process Development | Business Systems and Data Analysis | Data Security | Data Management | Social Media Marketing


  • Conflux Consultants Ltd

    1998 - Current
    Conflux Consultants Ltd

Education History

  • Building Construction

    Sheffield Halam University
    1972 - 1975
    Field of Study: Structures, Soil Mechanics, Project Management, Building Engineering and Material Technology

Clubs and Associations

Business Biscotti
- Founder Member
- Ambassador @ Business Biscotti Stoke on Trent

Business Biscotti Gold
- Founder Member
- Ambassador @ South Cheshire Creative & Marketing Gold Club

Interests and Hobbies

Business Analyst with a passion for Marketing, Social Networking, Data Management, Kaizen, Process Improvement, Mentoring, Motorcycles and Music

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