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I am an experienced and highly accomplished Technical Architect / Solutions designer, with a proven track record of providing & developing solutions to deliver complex projects across a wide variety of environments, industries and sectors in the UK and internationally.

 Experienced in controlling the full project lifecycle within complex organisations, with an immersive and ‘hands-on’ approach using significant specialised technical expertise, I ensure the delivery of goals and targets within challenging time and financial constraints.

Commercially aware and results orientated with outstanding staff development and motivational skills, I am recognised for being customer focused, with excellent relationship management skills.

I am experienced in - Business Analysis, Technical Architect, Design and Build, Coding & Testing, Project Planning, Mentoring/Teaching.

My career skills include:

 ·        Integral to delivery of full project lifecycle from planning & scoping to implementation & test

·        Excellent communication skills across both new and traditional media and platforms

·        Skilled in managing the relationships with internal & external stakeholders & strategic partners

·        Experienced in delivering training development programs both formally and in the work-place

·        Skilled at designing new infrastructure/architecture or upgrading & developing existing systems

·        Highly experienced in Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, design, build and test

·        Coaching and mentoring teams and colleagues to drive personal & professional development

·        Experienced in a variety of sectors including Manufacturing, Retail, Financial & Pharmaceutical

·        Comfortable working locally and internationally, with working remotely or travelling & commuting


  • Clews IT Consulting Ltd

    1 - 5 Employees 2011 - Current

    As a contractor specialising in Integration / ETL end-to-end solutions I have worked with the following companies.

    Bank of England - Using IBM WTX on Unix, integrating new applications within the bank. 2011-2012.
    Astrazeneca - IBM WTX, MQ on Windows, Planning and POC of migration of ESB flows. 2012-2012 (3m).
    UKAR - IBM WTX, Connect Direct, Batch, other ETL, migration and new data flows & ESB. 2012 - 2017.
    YPTO - IBM WTX, WMB, Oracle SQL, MQ, building new flows for SNCB in Brussels. 2016 (6m interim).

  • Ferranti Instrumentation

    Computer Operator / Systems Developer
    100+ Employees 1980 - 1984

    Joined from school, forsaking an offer of a degree course in Electrical Enginnering in order to start my career in computers. Managed the day to day running of the on-line service, batch overnight jobs and programming amendments to both system and application software for their new production control system. The machines that I managed included 2 x Burroughs B1955, including a B1985 and a Burroughs B10 micro used for design and planning. Used COBOL68, Fortran and Pascal, including proprietery system development languages.

  • Woolworths

    Programmer / Analyst / ETL Specialist
    100+ Employees 1984 - 2007

    COBOL74 programmer (course to convert from COBOL68) responsible for developing enhancements to Inventory management system (1984 - 1986).

    Info Centre Manager, using pretty much all of the PC tools around at the time on IBM XT and AT PCs (1986-1989).

    Relocated to London office to work on Instore PC back office system for delivering sales / stock transactions to the centre using and integrating instore till data gathering equipment (1989-1996).

    Returned to Castleton Office to join the AS/400 team providing security improvements for login / monitoring (1996-1999)

    Worked on implementation of SAP using new ETL tool "Mercator" to move data from legacy systems to SAP. Also developed interfaces for daily / hourly POS and stock data (0.5m trans per hour) into SAP using Mercator / Datastage TX / IBM WTX, versions of the original ETL tool, and feeds to the "Data Warehouse (1999-2005)

    Worked with Microstrategy reporting tools to provide dashboards and early morning "cached" reports for executive managers (2005-2007).

  • Acando UK

    IBM WTX Specialist
    100+ Employees 2007 - 2011

    Placement at AstraZeneca, enhancing existing ESB based on MQ and WTX with new capabilities (segmented message routing for example) and building new flows for the company across their 3 main ESB "hubs" located across 3 continents.

Education History

  • Stonyhurst College
    1967 - 1980


Business / Systems Analysis - Hoskyns
Mercator (IBM WTX)

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