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WHO AM I: I am the face of your business at networking events. I save you time by researching the meetings/events/conferences that suit your business and then attending the event for you. I will take contact details, put appointments direct into your calendar and provide you with a report at the end. This MS Excel report is: A) A record of the leads I have connected on your behalf, with filtered columns B) Post event, I forward the report and you use the same spreadsheet to log your own details alongside the contact, using the predefined empty follow up columns I've provided.

I WORK WITH: SMEs and one person businesses who do not have the time to go out and make contacts. Whilst you are busy doing your passion, you are not making contacts or business. Once back at the office, you then have to collate all the information and follow up. Most of the time your too busy to do that anyway. So that's where I step in and save you all that time. Perhaps you get heart palpitations and the mere thought of going into a room full of strangers and have to start talking. I take all that fear away.

WHY IT WORKS: I've worked with diverse businesses for over 15 years. I am an enthusiastic, energetic, self-motivated and passionate person who is highly customer focused and an excellent communicator, who loves to talk and build relationships. When given a task, I get the job done to the best of my ability using my natural ability to influence, persuade and liaise effectively with all people at all levels of any business and making them feel at ease. I really care about my clients and love nothing more that you serve and aid them in their quest for more contacts which leads to more business. The process starts with a free consultation where we discuss your business and networking objectives.


  • Caroline Chenier Networking

    Business Networking Agent
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