The best thing about your business is almost certainly you – it’s your personal passion, your remarkable skills and your unique character that make it so special.

And the worst thing about your business is also you…

You have to do almost everything, including answering the phone. You might be rushing to a meeting, concentrating on an important task, or just taking a breather… and suddenly a client rings!

Sadly we can’t clone you (yet!). But we can do the next best thing – answer your calls the way you would yourself, when you are at your best. Our team of Phone Fairies are experts at representing you, when you can’t. This builds closer relationships with your clients, means you don’t miss new business opportunities and allows you to get on with the stuff that only you can do, that pays you the most money and gives you the most satisfaction.

It’s Like Having a Double

We’re no strangers to your industry – we already have long established clients in your sector and members of our team who are comfortable ‘with your hat on’.

We take great pride in representing our clients’ businesses. We provide a truly personalised service covering telephone and diary management, bookkeeping, debt collection calls, event administration and any other bespoke tasks you care to mention.

What’s more, by the time we start representing you, we’re not just wearing the appropriate ‘hat’ – we’ve actually got your head on!

We fully understand your organisation, your clients and your way of working.


Happy clients, impressed prospects, a warm, friendly and professional image for your business… and you making more money with less stress.


How We Make Every Call a GoodCall

We’re a team of grown-up, warm, cheerful, approachable, unflappable, professional and intelligent PA’s!

(Yes – they do exist, but please don’t take our word for it – here’s just a sample of what our clients say (we didn’t pay them either!). Any of them would be happy to speak to potential clients – please ask.


Words fail me when describing the service the GoodCall team provide to Future Law Ltd. The assurance that we have of knowing that someone competent is there for us, so that we never miss a call, is worth every penny. Their service is seamless, efficient, proactive and above all consistently exceptional. Every member of the team is hand picked and has great experience in dealing with all types of callers, including the more difficult ones.

Stuart Parker, Director and Solicitor, Future Law Limited

The service I’ve received from GoodCall has been the best I’ve ever experienced in the world of personal assistants – both real and virtual. All of our clients comment about the level of professionalism, knowledge and politeness of the team and this goes a long way to gaining new business. They can `walk the walk’ not just `talk the talk’! I wouldn’t be without them now.

Dr Paul Hutchinson, Hutchinson Legal and Associates

They provide an excellent service for us, dealing with about 20-50 new sales enquiries by phone each month. Ours is a specialist sector and each sale is high value (over £50,000) so I need to be sure that each enquiry is dealt with professionally and efficiently. With minimal training and also, frankly, for minimal cost, the GoodCall team have consistently provided the professional first point of contact we needed that simply wasn’t possible when calls came directly through to the office.

Tim Evans, Director of Gartenart

Using standard divert codes you can transfer any landline or mobile number to us. We answer the phones in your business name, take full details, ask specific questions according to your brief and use our initiative to be proactive with the message we’ve been given. We can email and text you or transfer the call. At the end of the day you’ll get a free summary for quick reference but this won’t include all the irritating sales calls you don’t want – we don’t charge you for these as they don’t make you money!

Moving on.....

We take the time to truly understand your specific business requirements and what makes you different from your competitors. If you’re based nearby we’ll visit your offices to familiarise ourselves with your culture, approach and style so we can then reflect this when we take your calls.


We don’t lock our clients into a contract – why would we want to? If we’re not doing a fab job for you or paying for ourselves that’s not helping you – which is our mission.

We are not a generic message taking business, there are plenty of businesses who will provide that type of service.

We are a 'Specialist Call Management and PA Company' steered by professional PA's that act on your behalf with intelligence. We are one of a kind in our sector, our clients range from Traders, Accountants, Solicitors. We also have clients who are involved in the Health Industry such as Plastic Surgeons, Therapists, Physician's and Surgeons. We handle calls on behalf of MP's and for high profile Personalities who require a high level of confidentiality. Whatever your business we have the expertise, knowledge and personality to represent you. Your clients will never know they are talking to an external call management company, we are part of your team, working for you and with you, we guarantee you will be impressed.

Last but not least we take calls for the Aristocracy. That will give you an idea of the level of implicit trust our clients expect of us.

We are very good at what we do, you will make money as a result of using us, our personalities, our ability to build professional relationships and our ability to up sell with a confidence and passion that you wouldn't believe.


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