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As a transformative leader at CCJM Business Consulting and a “soulful serial-entrepreneur”, I use my diverse business skills, knowledge and experiences to live out my life with purpose, whilst creating positive and meaningful change in my community, industry and our world.

I operate as a co-pilot for start-ups and small businesses looking to grow and move forward with their ideas helping them with:

• Strategy planning
• Setting achievable goals
• Implementation
• Measuring results
• Saving time and money while taking them closer to their business goals

This is more than just a job. It’s my passion!

My inspiration for @CCJMConsulting comes from my late father Jacques Morin, I have decided, like him, to share my business passion, experiences and knowledge and dedicate it to the service and benefit of other professionals just like me.

A brief look into my professional background:

I worked for 15 years in the corporate world in various industries such as of Property Management and Law, working 5 years for global firm Lovells. This furnished me with the business acumen to set up my own Wellness company ‘@AEM Health and Fitness’, which I successfully ran for over 8 years.

During this time I also set up a local charity called ‘@FoundationWellbeingTrust’ that delivers fitness and nutrition wellness sessions in my local community. I am also chairwoman of ‘@TheGaiaNetwork’ not-for-profit association for Women Entrepreneurs, supporting women in their entrepreneurial journey.

Reach out via email if you’d like to set up a consultation for your company or just network to brainstorm some ideas.


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