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Do you use a consultant for your business electricity, gas and water or do you go direct to the supplier thinking you’ll get a better deal? If you go direct to a supplier then you will only get the deals they’re offering.
Working with Premier Brokers we have access to the whole of the UK market, some of which do not deal with clients direct. PLH Utilities work on your behalf to offer a fee free, expert competitive procurement service for any SME, Mid-Market and Corporate businesses for your business electricity, gas and water. 
We are trusted by big name companies such as Costas, Boots and BMW with their business energy and you can too.  
Also, several Associations have adopted us as their Preferred Energy Partner. We can fully fix contracts for up to 5 years and up to 12 months in advance so you can take advantage of today’s prices. 
When you ask us to find you the best possible contract we need to know about your business. What you do, how and when you use your energy, meter type and show you how there are ways to reduce your energy consumption. After all, we don’t want you to be paying for what you don’t need. You are kept fully informed throughout the process and you decide what’s best for you.  If you are on a half hourly meter (00 profile) your kVa is calculated so that you are neither wasting what you are being charged for, nor penalised for under calculating what you need.  
We will do all the pre-contract work, switching and monitoring over the contract time and advising the best possible time to renew, saving you time to concentrate on your business.
We can forward buy to attract good prices and can also offer forensic accounting so that your bills are checked going back for any overpayments and claim back for up to 4 years if there has been.
Leave it to us to manage your energy and water, saving you time and letting you do what you should do – running your business.

With energy prices at the levels they are more businesses are finding out about solar as a way to reduce their bills.

We offer a solar PPA which is a fully funded installation and maintained solar PV system. This gives you electric at around 50% of the grid price.

For this, certain critera needs to be met - a roof size of 10,000sq feet or more; or spend over £50,000; or exceeding 100 KVA.

Or you can get 100% free electricity with a financed package and there are grants available in certain areas.

We are able to carry out an energy review to establish if there are ways you can reduce your consumption.


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