kamiljit sadra's Testimonial

The shining knight of Accountancy comes to the rescue...

I asked Kam to help a close friend who lives abroad but pays tax in the UK. She had been conned by an 'accountant' out of large fees and no tax had actually been paid to the Revenue, on her behalf, for some years. She was upset and embarrassed by this situation and did not know what to do.

Entirely due to Kam's professional involvement, she had her complex case with the Revenue resolved. He ensured she paid the correct tax to the Revenue and sorted her affairs so that her future tax liabilities were clear and manageable. He even 'stood' between her and the previous rogue 'accountant' so that she no longer had to deal with him.

Kam really does know about complex problems involving non payment of tax and demands for tax. He has valid qualifications, coupled with the right experience which he uses to understand the inner workings of the specialist tax teams and to resolve difficult issues for his clients. No easy task and he doesn't charge extortionate fees.

A real Knight in shining armour.

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- March 2018
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