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We are excited primarily about helping Managers and Leaders to rediscover the best version of themselves, by supporting the development of skills, behaviours and mindsets to drive performance through High Performance Coaching.


We believe that if you develop your Managers and Leaders to perform at their best, their teams will engage and deliver.


Life is a story made up of multiple transitions.  We love to build a better tomorrow by driving accelerated high-performance especially during times of change, transition, transformation and growth.  As all leaders know the transition is the tricky bit where people can easily slip back into their comfortable old habits.  We accelerate transformation and high performance during work transitions, helping Managers to become unstuck and to navigate through change.  We move them from where they are to where they need to be, with the aim of increasing organisational success. 


You may have other requirements that we can support however examples of this are:

  • Developing Managers and Leaders to do their best work
    Research has shown that the performance of Managers and Leaders makes the biggest difference to employee engagement which is linked to overall company performance. 

    If Managers are equipped with the right skills, behaviours and mindset, they will lead their teams to success.

    High performance coaching provides a unique opportunity to explore ideas, thoughts, and concerns in a safe and secure space. It provides time to test concepts and identify new ways of working that lead to the achievement of individual and company goals


  • High Performance Coaching for re-engagement  
    Re-engagement following a company restructure is essential to ensure Managers are focused on the new company direction. Restructures can affect individuals in many ways. Survivor Syndrome describes the feelings people remaining in the business can experience post restructure.  Whatever the change, high performance coaching can form part of an organisation’s re-engagement plan.  We can get people back on track at speed delivering added value, focused on the new strategic aims and objectives.

  • Return to Work Coaching
    Returning to work after a long period of absence can be daunting, often people find themselves with low self-confidence and self-efficacy.  We can support people at this time to help them to get back up to speed, building their confidence, and delivering high performance as quickly as possible.
    This investment in your people creates great employee engagement and builds the organisations reputation as an employer of choice.

  • A Mentally Healthy Community 
    Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) report that at any given time, 1 in 6 working-age adults have symptoms associated with mental ill health.  Mental ill health is responsible for 72 million working days lost and costs £34.9 billion each year.

    As Certified Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA), we can support your people with mental ill health in the workplace.   By offering this support your people can feel safe knowing there is someone helping them to feel valued and able to add value on their return to work. We also provide a safe place to discuss their concerns with someone who understands and can signpost professional help where it might still be needed.

We know that if you are provided with a safe space in an otherwise busy day; are curious; and prompted to explore by being asked the right questions you can achieve amazing results to improve your performance and productivity by using your own knowledge.


We feel honoured to be a part of people’s lives for just a short time, helping them to be inquisitive, explore, and to achieve their courageous goals through an equal mix of support and challenge.


Although coaching always starts with the end in mind, setting clear goals for success, it’s always interesting to see what fortunate discoveries emerge for people along the way when they are looking for something entirely different - It's Serendipity!


An investment in coaching will make your employees feel highly valued, which will aid retention, increase employee engagement and build your reputation as an Employer of Choice.


We understand people have busy working lives and that time is precious, therefore we are happy to coach face to face, via video conferencing or on the telephone.  We adapt the length and frequency of sessions to suit each individual and organisations needs.


Get in touch to chat through your business needs and explore how we can get started.

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