Develdas  is a luxury chocolate shop based in Brighton Marina, importing carefully selected premium Belgian chocolates from Valentino Chocolatier, just outside Brussels in Schepdaal, Belgium. 

Linda, from Belgium, and her husband, Peter, who is from Brighton, set up the store in May 2019. It's been popular from day 1 and they have been growing the business month by month as more customers discover their delicious Belgian chocolates selection. The store is located on the main Strand in Brighton Marina and sells an exclusive range of over 100 types of hand-crafted Belgian chocolates. 

Their range of chocolates are always freshly made to order & hand-crafted by Valentino, a Belgian, family owned, business that really cares about chocolate.

Importantly, Develdas makes a real effort to cater for everyone’s taste and needs. The selection includes dark, milk and white chocolates. Customers will also find dairy-free chocolates for vegans, alcohol-free chocolates for non-drinkers and sugar-free chocolates for those on a diet who have a sweet tooth, or who are on the diabetes spectrum.

Chocolates for everyone. You can't get much better than that!

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