ambitActivate offers the complete solution to your video production, website development and digital online production needs. With associates in graphic production, website specialist database programming, scripting, casting and all major digital production needs. 15 years of production in a broad range of project areas. Danny offers a full 30 years of experience in shooting, editing and production.

Contact Danny on 0782 694 6999Video Production, Website Development, Muiltimedia Productions, Online digital productions. Producing and hosting streaming videos is our speciality.

Filming on location, overseas, single or full crew as required. Lighting, sound, green screen - fully wireless filming.

Editing using the latest FCP x and studio system, many of the most current plugins. Working on both mac and PC where required giving optimal flexibility of content handling.

Animation, sound track development, storyboard, scripting , casting and all levels of production carefully coordinated according to the project.

Website development including design, cms, shop and database integration. All via our closely integrated production team with of course full video integration.

We promote and fully demonstarte possibly the worlds FIRST fully Intergrated Image Control, Deterrent Protection, 360 degree Tracking and Validation system - A New Wave in website technology! SEE (3 min intro video)

And for those that have a brand to protect (almost every business does!) view this short video (2 mins)

Area of Expertise

Shooting with the latest HD video technology. Fully equipped for highly mobile , entirely wireless production. HD camera kits, Lighting, Professional sound, Latest video edit systems for full HD, broadcast level computer graphics as required. Script through to finished hosted video. Broadcast level video archive, team approval and sharing, ' in the cloud' available.

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