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Carol Ryan is a qualified family, elder and special education needs mediator. She is also a family solicitor with an excess of 20 years' experience. Carol is a member of the Family Mediation Council and the College of Mediators. She is accredited with the Family Mediation Council to undertake all issues mediation cases.

Carol qualified to undertake all issues family mediation in 2010 and is therefore able to assist divorcing and separating couples to discuss and seek a resolution on matters relating to their children and the distribution of finances.

Carol also undertakes elder mediation which involves working through complex family issues often arising from ageing family members, that requires creative solutions. Elder Mediation can help to find solutions, strengthen family relationships, provide peace of mind and enhance family communication and understanding.

Carol has completed an MA in Mediation and Conflict Intervention and sits on the board of the Elder Mediation International Network.

Throughout her career, Carol has always adopted a conciliatory approach in resolving family and elder mediation disputes and this makes her ideal for the role of mediator. She is committed to identifying the issues, helping you to work through them and seeking a fair and amicable solution. Carol’s professional and life experiences enable her to understand the emotional and practical effects of relationship breakdown between family members.

Carol also undertakes special educational needs and is developing her practice in this area. 

Amba offers competitive fees and flexible working times.  Willing to travel outside of London with expenses. 

Amba also works with solicitors and offer their clients a range of services. Please see website for further details.

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