Setting Intentions during Lockdown 2

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Setting Intentions during Lockdown 2

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What's Our Intention during Lockdown 2  

✅ Is it making sure that everyone’s mental health is looked after 

✅  Is it managing expectations with regards to a future of more lockdowns.  

✅ Are we holding out for a vaccine ?  Does a vaccine help to manage relationships in an overcrowded home with limited space during restrictions on movement ?

✅ What about the immediate challenges of putting food on the table, paying bills and looking after the survival of your business. 

✅ How do mature adults cope when they have been made redundant after decades of service. How do they make their next decision for their future careers from a place of empowerment rather than from a place of desperation and fear.  

✅ Who supports Members of Human Resources teams, sales and marketing teams that are now cut off from their company culture. Management who in their past roles were responsible for looking after their teams welfare are now in need of guidance and support in dealing with feelings of Vulnerability.  

What is on YOUR radar. Is what you are struggling with too much ? Are you feeling trapped, afraid to make a move because it may be the wrong one ? 

Please reach out to Michael Mahy Coaching for support, we have scalable, practical programs in place to address feeling Trapped, Overwhelmed and Hopeless.  

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