Same old same old or different and inspiring.

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Same old same old or different and inspiring.

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The latest placement statistics for Proteus clients show that just under 10% of them find their next position through the advertised market. 

Yet despite this fact, that’s the method that most people use. 

Think about what you really want from your next career move. For most people that definition will include words and phrases such as, ‘different’ ‘fresh’ ‘out of the ordinary’ ‘move on’ ‘unique’ ‘original’ ‘new challenge’ ‘inspirational’ ‘advancement’ ‘exciting’ ‘personal growth’. 

However, if they go through the advertised market, what they are likely to finish up doing, particularly if they use recruiters, is exactly what they were doing last time but just doing it somewhere else. 

If you want to move on it’s time you put some serious effort into defining and implementing the right self marketing strategy. 

Stop going for ‘same old, same old’ every time and finishing up in the 91% who hate Monday mornings! #careermanagement #careerobjective #careeradvice #selfmarketingstrategy 
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