Does Social Media Listening Add Value?

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Does Social Media Listening Add Value?

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My Trinidadian granny used to say "If you doh listen you will feel" yes I am from the generation where you did not get grounded for not doing as your were told....Anyway to translate, if businesses are NOT LISTENING to their customers and reacting accordingly, they WILL FEEL the effects when sales start dropping.

Many social marketers are spending a lot of time planning & not enough listening to what the customers are saying.

I believe SOCIAL LISTENING is curial & you can help shape your marketing strategy. Using deep consumer & market insights from real data & opinions expressed by your customers.

Listen then engage:
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are smart places to start listening. You may find that platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or TripAdvisor are just as important depending on your industry.

Practice social selling, which doesn’t always mean conversion directly as a result of social but helps. eg, someone with a family oriented profile image tweets about planning a holiday, you can share a branded video of family fun at your resort.

You can also include...connecting with industry influencers, non-direct brand mentions...for more look out for my SML blog coming soon.
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I am a marketing strategist, brand and social media consultant and a proud member of the Chartered Institute if Marketing (CIM). I am also an active participant on the LinkedIn Career Advice platform…

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