Emotional well-being tips for this Christmas

Emotional well-being tips for this Christmas

We look forward to Christmas for most part of the year, but sometimes this family time can turn out to be a stressful one. So here are few tips, to enjoy a better, loving and festive Christmas.

It’s only a day. Remember it is only a day. For as long as it might feel, this day has only 24 hours like any other day of the year. Focus on something pleasant to look forward to, for a example a social gathering with a few friends that you have planned after Christmas.
Don’t recriminate. This is a time of balance and reflection. Being with the family sometimes bring back memories of things that we wish would have gone differently in the past. For as much as it is tempting, this is not the time to recriminate.
See it with the eyes of a child.. What ever happens, and whatever stress you are going through, try to see it with the eye of a child. Yes, think how a child would feel if you decided to let go of your negative emotions, risking of ruining this important day of the year.
Sense of humor. The ability to see the funny side of things is one of the biggest gift in life. But make sure that it is of the kind and loving type.
Be kind to everyone, but don’t expect kindness in return. That is right, kindness doesn’t come with a price tag. If someone is still difficult to deal with or even mean, well it just might be because they haven’t gone trough their own “emotional evolution” and be able to be kind. Be the evolved one.
Acceptance. People only change when they are prompted by their own inner needs. We need to be able to accept people and past things we cannot change, to be able to change what we can shape: our future. And if this sounds difficult, remember it is only a day.

"No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal." Marilyn Ferguson
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I am a Pilates and Health Coach, helping busy professionals, achieve their optimal well-being to improve their performance in work and life.

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