What is causing you stress?

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What is causing you stress?

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The main causes of stress……...
❤️ Moving to a new home.
❤️ Divorce.
❤️ Loss of a job.
❤️ Increase in financial obligations.
❤️ Getting married.
❤️ Organising a complicated event, like a group holiday.
❤️ Everyday tasks such as travel or household chores.
❤️ Chronic illness or injury.
❤️ Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem)
❤️ Pregnancy and becoming a parent.
❤️ Bereavement.
❤️ The death of a loved one.
These you can understand cause you stress - but what causes us stress from our thoughts?
❤️ Being under lots of pressure
❤️ Having responsibilities that you're finding overwhelming
❤️ Facing big changes
❤️ Worrying about something
❤️ Not having much or any control over the outcome of a situation
❤️ Not having enough work, activities or change in your life
❤️ Times of uncertainty.
Have you ever asked yourself what are the things that cause you to be stressed out?
The biggest killer on the planet is STRESS - it underpins all dis-ease and illness. It affects our moods, mindset and outlook on life. It slows us down, makes us feel sluggish and creates more negative thoughts and emotions in the mind and body.
It is not an option to not master your relationship to stress it is a MUST! ❤️
Life is a magical mystery tour. If your life needs some alignment from stress and anxiety then I would like to invite you to a free 5-day challenge on dissolving stress and anxiety with myself. A best selling published author, meditation teacher and award winning coach. ❤️
Starting Monday 26th April finishing Friday 30th April. This is an opportunity to have an insight into one of the Freedom Alignment Method secrets that I use with my VIP clients to get them life changing results from stress and anxiety. It is also an amazing space to part of a community of incredible humans. ❤️
Click www.kirsty-bortoft.com/5daychallenge to register. It will take twenty seconds.
Please share with all your friends, work colleagues and family.❤️❤❤️
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Hi, I am Kirsty Bortoft and I am the Director and founder of a company called the Freedom Alignment Method. We are the most elite premium and ultra-premium stress and anxiety coaching company in…

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