Flexiwork - The future of flexible recruitment

Flexiwork Recruitment Consultant

Flexiwork - The future of flexible recruitment

What is Flexiwork?

Flexiwork is a recruitment business with a modern twist!

We utilise technology in the form of an easy to use mobile application to streamline the process of recruitment whilst maintaining top quality candidates. We work hard to attract and interview people to ensure there is always a pool of talent waiting to fill your job vacancies.

We believe in maximising transparency between candidates and employers and updating the drawn out process of traditional recruitment. This is why when your job is posted it will be instantly matched to all candidates that have the skills you selected, giving them the opportunity to apply if the position looks like it will suit them!

Once a candidate has been selected by you they will complete the shift and fill out their timesheet via the app. You will then just need to approve this and we will handle the rest! We pay our workers every week and send you an invoice for their services at the end of the month. Easy!

Here are just some of our benefits...

1.       Skilled and experienced staff

We are quite strict about who we allow onto our platform and that means that you can be sure that your job will be filled by someone who knows what they are doing! We require our candidates to have at least 6 months experience in their chosen category and a good level of spoken English as a minimum. To ensure this is the case we personally interview every candidate. This also means we can offer recommendations if your job gets a lot of applications!

2.       Jobs filled in HOURS

Since jobs are posted directly to the app, and notifications of this are immediately sent to all suitable candidates, jobs can have skilled applicants in a matter of hours! There is no need to waste time phoning candidates and asking for their availability because the job is visible to them directly, if they can’t or don’t want to do it they simply will not apply. That means your job is filled quickly by an enthusiastic and proactive professional!

3.       No more payroll!

We handle all aspects of the weekly payroll for our workers including taxes and holiday pay. Also we cover our staff with our own insurance policy. That means you will get skilled workers for your job and just a single invoice at the end of the month for their time – perfect for companies just starting up that don’t have a costly payroll team, companies looking to hire temporary staff and not wanting to add them to the payroll or companies that are looking to grow without taking on too much extra administration work!

4.       Paperless

Timesheets are done via the app so paper is a thing of the past! This has multiple benefits; candidates will not need to chase you to get a timesheet signed off and it is better for the environment! And don’t worry, we will provide you with an electronic copy of approved timesheets along with your invoice.

About Us

Kathryn Willis
Kathryn has held positions in a broad range of administration positions and has experience both as a temporary agency worker and as an agency recruiter. She has a first class History and Politics degree and is looking to modernise the recruitment industry through the use of technology by moving it to a mobile application that is easy to use and accessible for all.

Fabien Mahieu
Fabien is a hospitality professional with 14 years’ international experience working in 5* hotels such as Coral Sea Resort (AU) and Relais & Châteaux (France) as well as Michelin star restaurants such as Le Champlain (France). He has been responsible for the recruitment of skilled hospitality workers and knows how hard it can be to find the right people for the job, especially at short notice! Fabien is able to use his experience to ensure only skilled people become candidates on our platform.


Contact us today to find out how easy it is to hire skilled staff in a matter of hours!

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Flexiwork Recruitment Consultant

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