How Strong Is Your Network?

CSEST CIC Career Consultant

How Strong Is Your Network?

With the increase of networking platforms both online and offline, it is clear that networking is an important tool in the competitive market.

                                               "It is important to be diversified!"

However logical this may sound, - Diversity plays a key role in a professional and personal success! But many individuals and businesses are still not making use of diversity within their current networks.

                                           "Create your own Networking Smoothie!"

  A great blend of online and offline! An excellent networking strategy that brings about rewarding perks at a professional and personal level!!!
 Five reason:
 1. Networking is a great way to acquire new business leads
 2. Personal Opportunities: Networking can also be a personal benefit. Professional relationships you develop can be used for identifying practical solutions to everyday life.
 3. Identify Best Business Practices: Learning from what others do is a valuable strategy for all businesses.
 4. New Trends: Stay on top of new business trends and technology will give you an advantage over your competitors
 5. Career Opportunities

So this October 17th widen your genre of Networks at CSEST Business Innovation Networking Event, open for all learners and professionals!

This event aim to support London Entrepreneurs, Startups, SME & SMB.

On October 17th we are giving you the opportunity to gain insight experience, increase competitive advantage and strengthen your networks.

Hear and learn from renowned mentors & entrepreneurs -'How to grow and support your business in the current and future market' Guest speaker Aaron Tan will be presenting from 3pm-3:55pm

Benefits: Network with leaders & starters, create innovative collaborations, learn from international renowned entrepreneurs to support business growth, acquire new business leads and promote your service

Event starts from 2pm-8pm and will include refreshments. (85 free parking spaces available on the day)  

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite: Tickets

All attendees are welcome to promote their service (please enquire via email)
  • Marketing
  • Growth Creation
  • networking events
  • London
  • Innovation and SME
CSEST CIC Career Consultant

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