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IYE GLOBAL Alex Sullivan - Partner- Due Diligence Company Credit Control Consultant Company Size: 6 - 20 Employees Company Turnover (£): 500,000 - 1,000,000
  • Due Diligence
  • Soft Due Diligence
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Fraud Investigations
  • private investigator
  • Bank Instruments
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Cyber/Network Security
  • Cyber-Crime
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Postings (3)

Summary: Goldstar Debt Recovery Solutions UK Ltd are a registered Invoice & Debt Recovery company, covering the UK. We work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, there…

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  • Solvent Liquidation
  • Business Reorganisation
  • S110 schemes
  • Investment Trust Liquidation
  • Capital Reduction
  • Entrepreneurs' Relief
  • LPA Receiverships
  • Bankruptey Administration
  • Creditors' Liquidations
  • Members' Liquidations
  • Company Arrangements
  • Admnistrative Receiverships
  • Administration
  • Individual Arrangements
Stella Davis SPW UK LLP - Partner Insolvency Practitioner Company Size: 21 - 100 Employees

Summary: Licensed Insolvency Practitioner benefitting from immense experience in dealing with company or personal insolvency. I exercise a practical and…

Summary: Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and owner of X-debt who primarily specialises in IVAs and in particular sole trader and "Director" IVAs. We offer a…

Summary: Like many insolvency practitioners I didn’t have a burning desire to enter the profession as a small child; I came to insolvency after 15 years as a…

Summary: I am licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Begbies Traynor, the UK’s leading business rescue and recovery specialist. I specialise in investigative and…

Summary: Expertise Debt Management Individual Voluntary Arrangements Trust Deeds Bankruptcy

Nilesh Patel RE10 London Ltd - Insolvency case Manager Insolvency Practitioner Company Size: 6 - 20 Employees

Summary: I currently work for Re10 London ltd which specialises in company Turnaround restructuring and insolvency. we work with all type of businesses to…

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Summary: I am a highly skilled professionally motivated individual with a variety of knowledge and experience. My Multi-Lingual skills enable me to converse…

Summary: I am based in the Manchester office of Harrisons Business Recovery and Insolvency Limited. I have substantial experience in dealing with all types…

Summary: I am a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and Director at Begbies Traynor, the UK’s leading business rescue and recovery specialist. I work across a…

  • Administration
  • Solvent Liquidation
  • Creditors' Liquidations
  • Company Arrangements
  • Business Reorganisation
  • Admnistrative Receiverships

Summary: I specialise in the collection of Commercial Rent, forfeiture of commercial leases and the eviction of unlawful trespassers in either commercial…

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