Sarah Kennard's Testimonial

I’m not sure I can effectively explain what working with Sarah is like, although she perhaps wouldn’t want me to do that anyway. I can best describe her as part biology nerd, part almost-magical, part that friend who tells you your outfit looks awful when everyone else is saying it’s fabulous, part just a really wise person. I wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision at first. She can seem brusque, to the point, and sometimes almost clinically detached. I wasn’t feeling great and so some of my energy initially went on being upset about what she was saying as well as the way she was saying it. But as our working relationship developed, I realised what a gift this straight talking is when your health is suffering and you need to get your shit together, before you waste any more time being a self-indulgent not so hot mess.

I had not been diagnosed with anything specific (although am sure it wouldn’t have been long) but felt generally unhappy and suffered with a number of issues that Sarah talks about. I also could not shift the weight I thought was desperate to lose, despite trying every diet going. I found my way to her through social media after a friend shared one of her instagram posts with me.

As a few people have mentioned, she is funny, her comedy timing is on point, and that sense of humour is a tonic, especially if you are prone to low moods and the fun seems to have left your life. She seems to be able to sense what to say in way that at the same time unseats you but also let’s you know she is looking out for you and will cushion your fall. She is also probably the most honest person I’ve ever met.

It’s about three months since I first contacted her, and I’ve learned loads of stuff about my body and things I thought were unconnected. My sleep has improved, my digestion feels like it is coming out of retirement and my heart palpitations have subsided and my eczema is clearing up. Most of what I’ve learned I feel was almost by osmosis because it wasn’t delivered in a way that made me feel i was being taught.

I want to carry on working with Sarah - for ever! But she’s suggested I go it alone for a while to see how I get on. This is the kind of approach you can expect from her - as she says herself: unconventional. If you are ready to have the big conversations and feel uncomfortable, and to actually put effort into having a better life, I recommend working with Sarah, you won’t experience anything like it with anyone else.

- August 2020
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