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Hi, my name is Michelle.

Whether you are new to Arbonne, a regular client or part of our international team.                                                                                                                              
You will love the results when you try Arbonne's   AWARD WINNING   pure , safe, beneficial, vegan, gluten-free, green, health, beauty and wellness products.
I am passionate about   helping you and your friends with any skin concerns you may have, or just giving you peace of mind knowing that you are using products free from   paragons, animal   testing and animal bi-products.
My Arbonne story started with my hair and the struggle to gain clear vibrant hair as I work out in the gym 5 days a week. I am living proof that   these products and this business work.     I currently work as a Portfolio Manager and though I love my role it does not allow me the flexibility to spend with my family.
Then a good friend recommended   Arbonne, its products and its   flexible and   lucrative   business   opportunity.  
I hadn't heard of the company or the networking marketing industry and so initially didn't think it was for me.   I then did some research and found that I was uneducated, when I looked into the company, its ethics it's leadership and plans for global and financial expansion, I realised what a simple and ethical business model it is and I knew I had to do it .
How   often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference and have fun all on your own terms?
Imagine the freedom to the life of your dreams, help others to look great, feel healthy   and be inspired to make Arbonne part of their lives.
Everyday I reap the rewards in some way just by introducing people to products that I love and believe in.
Contact me to chat about how the business could be a fit for you or take up the offer of a Free Product Trial.
Try something new.   Happy is the new Healthy.                                                                                           


  • Abonne International

    Independent Consultant
    2014 - Current
    Abonne International
  • PwC

    Portfolio Manager
    2015 - Current

    Portfolio Manager for Assurance UK IT Division.  Management of 20 projects, varying in size and complexity.

Interests and Hobbies




Ballroom an Latin American Dancing



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