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Strategically based in St James, London, Trouver Partners provides specialist Liquid focused Multi Level Consultancy solutions across a number of disciplines.

Three main areas covered:

  • LBMA Physical Gold Bullion Purchase
  • Publicly Listed and Liquid Bonds
  • Liquid Mutual Funds
  • Unit Trusts and ETF Products

Trouver Partners partners with regulated entities such as Merchant Banks, Asset Managers and Hedge Funds who offer Products for investors such as Balanced Portolfios, Mutual Funds and Listed Bonds. Additionally working with corporate entities such as Oil, Gas and Mining companies who fundraise and complete equity raises through the release of Senior, Secure Listed Bonds on Global Exchanges. These products are namely issued to High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors. 


Retail and everyday investors who are looking for best-price LMBA Accredited and Manufactured Gold Bullion can directly purchase from an establshed LBMA Gold Corp who boast Gold trading revenues close to £1bn and have partnered with Trouver Partners to make accessible to purchasers. 


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