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#SocialGirlFriday - Helping brands & businesses blog, ‘gram, pin, post & tweet - #copywriting #socialmedia #content


❓ Do you need help with your blog or social media?

Does this sound like you?

➡️ You stare at a blank screen willing inspiration for a blog to rain down on you, and hours later you're still there, staring at a blank screen.

➡️ You spend precious time trying to create the perfect social media post instead of working on things that really matter to your business.

➡️ You need an extra pair of hands with your business communications during a busy period, but don't want to take your current staff away from their jobs.

➡️ Just don't like writing or social media.

???? In a nutshell, I write. I edit. I tweet!

???? Currently write articles and manage social media accounts for SME owners and online magazines in the lifestyle, fitness, health, automotive and motorsport industries.

???? I love writing. I love social media, especially Twitter. And I love the creativity involved.


If you need help with any of your business content, contact me.

Where the fast cars are · Buckle up, grab onto your seat & enjoy the ride ????
???? I wear a lot of pink #pinkcarsgofaster
Also known to talk about fashion ???? cooking ???????? travel ✈ and musical theatre ????

Would love to connect, let's chat #socialgirlfriday


  • Kook Content

    2018 - Current
    Kook Content

    Content ... blogs, social content, web copy, case studies, white papers, etc ... it's the one thing every business needs to help generate traffic and improve search rankings.

    BUT, it takes time to produce.

    Whether you need long-term help with your content or just need an extra pair of hands to get you through a busy period, Kook can mobilise into action with just 24 hours notice.

    Below is a list of services Kook provides to help increase your brand's online presence:

    Need help with writing articles for your blog?

    Includes topic and keyword research, headline analysis and content transformation into social posts.

    Web copy, case studies, white papers and product descriptions.

    Social media can be a 24-hour job, which can be tricky when you have a million-and-one other things you could and should be doing.

    You hate it, I love it.

    Working with your marketing and content strategy to create posts, engage with fans and analyse statistics.

    To chat about any of these services you can contact me on ►

    ☎️ 0800 488 0854

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