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Life is a continuous research of who we are and how we can express our best.

 Image and Behavior need to match harmoniously if we want to succeed.

 That's exactly my passion: making my clients feel unique, self-confident, powerful and proud of themselves in any circumstance of their every day lives. In few words: BE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

I am an expert in International Relations and Personal Branding. I have worked for the United Nations, the European Union, Large Multinationals and specialised in communication for Pharma. I have spent  the last 10 years  working between London and Brussels and won several company awards for outstanding results in the style of servicing my clients. 

 I am a Certified Advanced Image Consultant and Professional Development by London Image Institute, Fashion Style Institute of San Francisco and I am a Certified Neuro -Linguistic Program  Business Coach by Richard Bandler.

I work in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


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