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Anthony is an experienced online service provider specialising in the online business development, website design and development working with business owners and individuals with achieving their professional goals. Anthony is also the founder of Absolute Web Designs a totally online website design and development and internet marketing company based in the heart of Sunderland.

Prior to establishing his online business Anthony worked in a range of roles including retail store manager at a well established Newsagents convenience store. Administrative, and office management roles. And set up and sold 2 businesses. Anthony has a  National Vocational Qualification in business administration. 

He now works full time online offering a comprehensive range of services and packages from website design and development, maintenance, technical support and online business development services to his clients nationwide. 

Anthony specialises in affordable web design and online marketing, administrative solutions. His services are provided with complete confidance to all clients, whether you just need a simple website to promote your business online, or developing a completely new business, or have your business reach new heights.

Anthony has worked alongside company directors and independent entreprenurs and will well familiar with managing workloads and meeting deadlines.

Contact Absolute Web Designs for a free no obligation consultation to discover how we can help you to grow your business online. 


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