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I am a financial associate for Morrinson Wealth Management LLP, an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). The 'St. James's Place Partnership' and the titles 'Partner' and 'Partner Practice' are marketing terms used to describe St. James's Place representatives.

I am passionate about financial education and I specifically aim to target this lack of knowledge within the UK, and enable my clients to build ‘healthier’ financial futures for themselves and their families.

My aim in my business is to help busy individuals to find their ‘Financial Fitness’ and start making their hard-earned money ‘sweat’ and work harder for them.


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I look to cut through the noise in the finance industry, the tax and legislative landscape and enable ‘time poor’ individuals and their families to get around to the things that they know that they should be doing every single year.

Work and life often get in the way. However, it is vital that you do not neglect your ‘Financial Fitness’!

I take this time and administrative burden away from you, and enable you to create your own financial freedom after just a matter of a couple of hours through the following process;
1. Helping you to understand what you really want out of life and of your hard-earned money
2. Create the ‘road map’ that is going to get you there
3. Do the leg work for you and set the wheels in motion towards achieving a ‘healthier’ financial future


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You will emerge from this process having;
1. A complete financial plan and ‘road map’ to achieve your financial goals, aspirations and objectives
2. Successfully enhanced your existing cash, investment and pension assets to ensure these are working as hard as possible for you
3. Optimised your tax position, reducing any unnecessary overpayments on either your income or existing assets/investments


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It’s simple, just drop me a message and I can start to take the stress out of all of this for you and set you on the path to ‘Financial Fitness’.

All of my meetings, analysis or recommendations to you come completely without any cost or obligation whatsoever.

All it takes to get started is a simple ‘financial health check’ and takes 30-45 minutes of your time. What’ve you got to lose?


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  • St James's Place Wealth Management

    Senior Associate
    - Current

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