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Outplaced is a niche Outplacement, Staff Retention, Career Transition and Career Management Partnership with its headquarters in the London but operating throughout the UK. Independently owned and managed, it is a flexible organisation offering tailored outplacement and staff retention programmes specifically to the SME market. We take pride in responding quickly to client requirements. 

Outplaced combines the joint resources of Proteus Consultancy Ltd, led by Mike Warren and Gateway Career Management Ltd, led by Peter Wilford.

Outplaced brings together proven techniques, fresh and innovative research and outside the box thinking, harnessed to a pragmatic and commercial approach which makes working with us a refreshingly different experience.  Both Proteus and Gateway have helped many people take the next step in their career and have worked with many organisations on Outplacement assignments.

What are the advantages of working with Outplaced?

  1. Our programmes are straight-forward - please ask us for details.
  2. Our service is flexible, both for you as an organisation and for your employees.
  3. We provide generous time frames for completing programmes.
  4. We offer increasing levels of support.
  5. We offer a range of fee levels to suit all budgets please ask us for details.

What are the Benefits?

We believe that you will see benefits at three levels – to the organisation and to your remaining employees as well as to those who are leaving.

To your organisation: 

  •  Managed risk
  •  External – reputation management
  •  Clear, transparent pricing structure
  •  Guaranteed response time
  •  Proactive outplacement relationship
  •  Support in implementation
  •  Simple to implement
  •  Take away the heavy lifting
  •  Low maintenance and low risk
  •  Hassle free
  •  Transparency
  •  Hand over whole process to us
  •  Clear reporting of usage
  •  Clear guidelines for your HR team
  •  End of phone / email support
  •  Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

To your remaining employees: 

  •  Staff retention services lead to enhanced employee morale
  •  Reassurance that the company cares
  •  Aligning roles against the new organisation structure
  •  Reviewing and implementing new development programmes
  •  Facilitating succession planning
  •  The company clearly cares about my career and personal development
  •  Building on teamwork to produce more effective and stronger teams
  •  Increasing personal performance and productivity
  •  Setting objectives which can support the new business
  •  In time – fostering increased loyalty

To your displaced employees: 

  •  Clear level of service
  •  Top up facility
  •  Tailored to individual learning style
  •  Ownership rests with employee
  •  Focus on fulfilling dreams
  •  Job versus self-employment, contract or consultancy
  •  Flexibility to meet personal timescale
  •  Best practice


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